Monday, 28 March 2016

Weight Machine Scanner Prank

Weight Machine Scanner Prank app is a well designed prank app which will let you masseur/calculate your body weight by just scanning your thumb.
Weight Machine Scanner Prank will scan your finger print and will let you know how much your body weight is.

How to use: 
Weight Machine Scanner Prank is simply to use, just place your thumb on the fingerprint scan machine and hold finger till scanning is completed, the app will analyze your weight based on finger scanning and display your body weight.

NOTE: Weight Machine Scanner Prank is made for purely entertainment purposes only. The Perfection of the fingerprint scan is not meant to be used in professional environment anyway.
Disclaimer: Weight Machine Scanner app is a Prank app and all results shown in the app are fake. Measuring weight is not possible from android device currently so it is made for entertainment purpose only.