Wednesday 6 July 2016

Photo Pattern Lock Screen

• Photo Pattern Lock Screen app is a unique Phone Lock Screen app with adding your own Photo or a picture to the Pattern Lock Screen.
• There are lot off application available in the market but most of them are offering only predefined themes for Pattern Lock Screen but here you can create your own custom theme by adding your desired Pattern Lock Screen background like Photo or a nice Flower, Nature, Waterfall or any other background using Photo Pattern Lock Screen app.
• We always try to keep our phones safe and don’t want someone to operate our phone without our knowledge so we will apply a Pattern Lock to the phone where upon opening a phone it will ask to enter a Pattern as a pass code to unlock the phone.
How to Use: 
• Open Photo Pattern Lock Screen app and set your Pattern Lock and go to Select Theme and add Photo from the Gallery or take a Picture using Camera and set as Lock Screen Background. 
• Now whenever you try to unlock the phone, you will see your beautiful picture as your Pattern Lock Screen Background and it looks cool and gives you peace of mind.