Tuesday 27 September 2016

Flashlight on Clap


Flashlight on Clap app is a new way to ON or OFF your phone’s flashlight by Clapping. Isn’t it interesting? Generally we have seen many Flashlight applications where they need manual intervention to operate them but when we really need them like in the dark or in the Night or when sudden power failures they may not come handy. Whereas this Flashlight on Clap app will much handy and your can Turn ON or OFF its Flashlight by just clapping.
Many people don’t believe initially and they said how it is possible to Turn ON and OFF of a Phone’s Flash Light By just clapping? But after seen this amazing Flashlight on Clap app everyone started believing it.
How to Use: 
Open the Flashlight on Clap app, Turn Service ON and close the Flashlight on Clap app. 
Now whenever you need it all you need to do is just clapping to Turn it On. If you want to Turn it OFF then Clap again, it will automatically Turn OFF. 
Whenever you don’t want to service to be run in backend then simply you can Turn OFF the Service.

Flashlight on Clap is free to download from Google Play and easy to use.
By using Flashlight on Clap app you need not to search for the Torch Light or your phone to turn on flash light, instead your can simply Clap to Turn Flashlight ON.
This is a great Flashlight on Clap app available in Android Market.