Monday, 26 September 2016

Mobile Codes USSD

Mobile Codes USSD is an innovative Mobile USSD Codes app, where users will have access to all GSM networks USSD Codes.
Mobile Codes USSD will help you to receive an answer for your query from the GSM networks computer. These Quick Codes will help you to know the service status in your phone.
When you send message using Mobile Codes USSD, it received by GSM Network computer and it return appropriate answer to the user mobile.
Mobile Codes USSD is available for AirTel, Idea, BSNL, AirCel Vodafone, DOCOMO and Reliance GSM Networks.
By using Mobile Codes USSD users can know their Account Balance, Internet Data limit, SMS Balance, 3G, 4G Data Balance and many more services details.
Features of Mobile Codes USSD: 
 Know Best Offers on your Mobile.
 Talk Time Balance.
 SMS Balance.
 Night Calling Minutes. 
 STD, ISD Balance. 
 2G, 3G, 4G Data Balance.
 Activation/Deactivation of GPRS Services. 
 Start/Stop DND Service. 
 Special Deals and Discounts. 
 Activation of Services.
 Know Service Request.
 Daily/Weekly packs.
 Recharge History.
 Voice Call details. 
 Customer Care Numbers.

Mobile Codes USSD app is easy to use and free to download from Google Play.
Install Mobile Codes USSD app and enjoy access to all its features without calling to the customer Care.