Monday 15 May 2017

Caller Name Announcer

Caller name announcer app announces every thing, and someone calls you or sends you a message that you will identify out looking for your mobilephone.

The caller announcer uses the built-in Android text to the voice engine to speak the caller's name or SMS sender name and SMS content.

Caller Name The speaker is the phone number or caller name speaker application. Caller Name The speaker announces the name or number of an incoming call or SMS. The caller's speaker can also read the contents of the message.

Find the caller's name clearly between the ringtones and decrease the volume.

Caller Name Announcer app is very suitable for driving like this situation, the phone is in your pocket, and some people send text messages when your mobile is in another room.

Caller Name Announcer app Announces:

1. If there is a caller's name in the contact.
2. SMS sender name (if present in the contact) and SMS content.
3. If the contact does not exist, call it unknown.