Thursday 27 July 2017

Electric Live Wallpaper

Electric Live Wallpaper is a beautiful ideal to electrify your mobile screen. Electric Screen Live Wallpaper will give you real feeling of having Electric effect on each touch you make on your screen. 

Electric Live Wallpaper will give you beautiful coloured lightning strike in your phone when you touch your screen. Touch the screen anywhere and you will see bolt of lightning under your finger. If you touch your mobile screen with two fingers then the electrify thunder effect will spread between your two finger touch points. 

Electric Live Wallpaper will give you option of entering your desired text on the settings so the text will appear on top of your Mobile Screen so it will be more beautiful. When ever you touch on the screen the text entered by you will be focused by a light and will give you magic lights effects. If you move your finger then the focus light also move along with your finger. 

Electric Live Wallpaper will give you lot of Live wallpaper HD Backgrounds to choose from so your will be delighted with the collection of the HD Backgrounds. 

In Electric Screen Live Wallpaper you have option to change its background and text to appear on the wallpaper. This application will give you real Thunder live Wallpaper effects. 

While using Electric Screen Live Wallpaper, you can perform all your phone operations normally, it will not effect any of your phone operations. So using Electric Live Wallpaper is fun.

Electric Screen Live Wallpaper allow you and will work with Single Touch Controls and Multi Touch Controls like Single finger touch and Two fingers touch. 

How to use Electric Live Wallpaper:
Using Electric Screen Live Wallpaper is very simple and easy. Just follow below path.
Open Electric Live Wallpaper App -—-> Goto Settings ——> Select Electric Screen Wallpaper Background ——-> Enter Text to appear on Home Screen ——> Click Setup Live Wallpaper. 

Its as simple as that. Now Electric Live Wallpaper will be applied to your mobile screen and it works when ever you touch your mobile screen. 

Electric Live Wallpaper app is free to download and free to use. Have fun.