Friday 7 July 2017

Funny Face Changer Photo Editor

Funny face changer Photo Editor is an app that lets you easily make funny 
image faces in photos.

Face swap - Swap faces between friends. Swap you face with anyone
 in the world!

Morph Faces - Tens of automatic morph effects including alien, fat, skinny,
monster and many more. Smudge to reshape the face into a funny cartoon

Face parts - Endless funny eyes, noses, crazy hats & hairdos, tattoos, scary 
scars and more
Take a selfie or import photos from your camera gallery, Facebook, 

Funny Face Changer Swap Camera is extremely energizing and playing 
around with confronts you can put whiskers and mustache and this is 
The Art of Manliness Stickers - Over 600 stickers for any occasion on 
any subject.

Trading faces is easier than ever with Face Swap. Just get two faces in
 the viewfinder and see the app do a live face swap on camera. 

Download Face Swap Funny Face Maker Photo Editor now and join the fun!

Face Camera, the best funny face changer and photo editor for you. 
There are numerous of Faces, Masks, Motion Stickers in Face Camera
 with themes such as animal, cartoon, movie etc. 

Use Face Camera to swap face with them and make different cute 
expressions. We bet you’ll enjoy a lot. Face Camera will bring you
unique experience. Funny Face Changer Photo Editor is Ready for 
some major fun? Discover the best ‘‘face swap’’ app for Android!

Face Changer Photo Editor is a great chance to share a good laugh
 with your friends and family!

Funny Face Changer Photo Editor yourself on choose your 
own photos with best style photo collection.

Select portion that you change with your face and place it all the stickers 
according to your use to make your face funny.

Funny Face Changer Photo Editor used several types of stickers to make 
your face more funny

◆Face Camera - Face Swap
Face Swap in Face Camera gives you real-time face switch experience. 
Dozens of motion faces are ready, you can swap with them as you like. 

◆Face Camera Stickers - Sticker Sets
Sticker Sets Lab of Face Camera can meet the needs of different groups
 of people. 

◆Face Camera Art Filters - Artistic Filters
Dozens of amazing Art filters have been updated. Now you can 
easily turn your photos into artworks.

◆Face Camera Video - Swap Video
You can record videos wearing Motion Stickers. 

◆ Swap Face live on camera 
If you wonder to look at images with swapped faces and wish to do 
this trick on your own taken pics 

Then go ahead, Funny Face Maker Photo Editor is all you need.


✔ Swap face with different looks 
✔ Lots of motion stickers
✔ Amazing artistic filters
✔ Delicate sticker sets
✔ Here You can having more variety of stickers for your best face photos.
✔ You can pick a best stickers.
✔ You can share your Face Changer Photo editor with your friends on 
    Facebook or Twitter.
✔ You can save the photo in your "Face Changer Photo Editor" in your
     sd card.
✔ More than 300+ Stickers available for your Face changer Photo Editor.
✔ Change the size according to your face shape.
✔ You can set opacity according to image sticker which way you suitable.
✔ All the Save Face changer Photo in one particular area on the start 
    screen of Face Changer Photo Editor.
✔ Automatic face detection
✔ Face Adjustment ( Use the Selection oval to adjust the faces).
✔ Face Scaling ( Just touch any face with one finger and drag another 
    finger anywhere on screen to scale).
✔ Face Rotation ( Select a face and use rotation slider to maintain the
    rotation of selected face).
✔ Flip faces
✔ Swap faces

Download Funny Face Changer Photo Editor now !