Wednesday 15 November 2017


Flashlight is a must to have application in our smartphone and most of the smartphones will have a builtin flashlight but our Flashlight application is most advanced flashlight with multiple options.

Flashlight app is comes with LED Flash options where you can increase or decrease intensity of the Flash, you can even ON/OFF Flashlight by Clapping from distance using Flashlight on Clap option.

This Flashlight app is a Brightest LED Flashlight that available in the market and you can also use with making some kind of sound from distance.

Features of Flashlight:
Flashlight on Clap: You can operate Flashlight by just clapping using Flashlight on Clap option.

Screen Flashlight: The Bright Screen Flash light is useful when your LED Flash is not working. You can increase or decrease Flash intensity. 

Strobe Flashlight: Strobe flash light will give you a real feeling that you’re in a Disco club. It produce disco light effects where you can control Strobe intensity. 

Color Screen Flash: Color Screen Flash Light will help you when you are very far and identify you from distance. This Color Screen Flash will keep on changing its colour very quickly.

Digital Compass: We have exclusively added Digital Compass features in Flashlight app because, you really need a more accurate Digital Compass in the night. If you’re some place which you don’t know then Digital Compass comes handy to find the directions. This Digital Compass has many features and you can use this compass on Google Maps, on Camera, Satellite Maps mode, Night Mode and Telescopic mode. 

Our Flashlight app is free to download and free to use. Download and enjoy.