Monday 11 December 2017

GPS Tools

GPS Tools app is one stop shop for all your GPS related uses. If you want use different GPS Tools then you need to download different GPS Apps but our GPS Tools app will equivalent to more then 10 different GPS Apps.

Instead of downloading 10 different GPS Apps you can download our GPS Tools app. The main features of GPS Tools are as follows. 

1. GPS Route Finder.
2. Places NearMe.
3. Area Calculator.
4. Traffic Finder.
5. Digital Compass.
6. Street View.
7. Geo Fencing.
8. Speedo Meter.
9. Weather.
10. Live Maps.

GPS Route Finder: 

GPS Route Finder will help you to for one touch easy driving directions on Google Maps. You need to simply select two points on the map to calculate driving directions, travel time and distance. You can also input Origin and Destination to calculate distance and directions.

Places NearMe: 

Pleases Near Me will help you to find various places around your current location. You can find various Google Places within given radius from your current location like Hotels, Restaurants, Entertainment centers, Schools, Colleges, Church, Temple, Fuel Stations, Airports, Train Stations, Bus Terminals, Parks, Clubs, Pubs, Postoffice, Businesses etc.

Area Calculator: 

GPS Area Calculator will help you to calculate the total area of any given location in Acres, Hectors, Meters, Squire Meters Foots, Inches etc. Using GPS Area Calculator you can simply calculate the area of given coordinates by sitting at any where in the world. You just need to open Google Maps and select the area which you want to calculate. 

Traffic Finder: 

Traffic Finder will help you to give you the live traffic status around your location. Based on the information of Traffic you can easily plan your travel needs. Live Traffic will help you to calculate the journey time between your current location and destination. 

Digital Compass: 

Digital Compass is most accurate compass in mobile phones. You can use Digital Compass anywhere and you can also use Compass on your Camera, Maps, Night Mode, Telescopic Mode, Standard Mode etc. You can easily calculate the directions using Digital Compass. 

Street View: 

Google Street View will give you feeling of literally you’re walking in the street of the current location or any given location. It will give you a feeling that virtually you’re roaming in that location. Street views are great to virtually see the locations on the map. 

Geo Fencing: 

Geo Fencing is a great feature while you’re visiting new places or new locations because when you set your GEO Location on your map, whenever you reach with oil that Geo Fencing location the app will automatically alert you that you have reached the location. All you need to do is just select Geo Location before you starting your travel, app will automatically alert you once you reach that location.

Speedo Meter: 

Speedo Meter is a real time speed monitor. While you’re on the bike or car the app will automatically calculate your current Speed using your GPS Speedometer and sho you real time speed of your vehicle. 


Weather is a great feature to have in our smart phone. Based on the weather you can plan you schedules for the day. Weather will always alert you whether around your current location. 

Live Maps: 

Live Maps will keep you unto date about the live status of the new routes, new traffic diversions, accidents, traffic alerts etc. Live Maps are greatly useful to plan your travel. 

GPS Tools app is free to download and easy to use.