Sunday, 19 November 2017

Gps Route Finder

Gps Route Finder helps you to locate and track your mobile live location on the Google Maps, finding Driving Directions, GPS Location of the mobile phone and Navigation on Maps.

GPS Route Finder option you can find shortest distance route to travel between two locations on Google Map. You can select any two locations on the map by simply clicking on the two locations on the map and it will calculate best route.

Compass On Maps:

The compass in Compass on GPS app supports magnetic north and true north calculated using network or GPS location coordinates, which can be copied, shared and viewed in a map.

Compass on GPS Maps app is the most precise and useful app for navigation and orientation purpose that shows directions on Google Maps based on built-in magnetic sensor. Compass on GPS Maps shows all essential modes required for day-to-day compass activities

Features of Compass on GPS Maps:

- GPS and Maps are supported.
- Display current location
- Display different modes for directions
- Location History
- Driving Directions

Telescope Mode: 
Mainly used to get Direction from far away.

Compass on Normal Maps:
To get accurate direction on maps this GPS Tool helps you get a compass over your map.

Compass on Satellite Maps:
To get accurate direction on maps this GPS Tool helps you get a compass over your Satellite Map. 

Night Mode:
Use this mode to navigate at night.

Standard Compass Mode: 
This is your regular Compass 360 that shows True North using Magnetic Sensor.

Camera Mode:
Use your camera with a Compass showing directions to take a picture and share it to get a better idea of your location and direction.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017


Flashlight is a must to have application in our smartphone and most of the smartphones will have a builtin flashlight but our Flashlight application is most advanced flashlight with multiple options.

Flashlight app is comes with LED Flash options where you can increase or decrease intensity of the Flash, you can even ON/OFF Flashlight by Clapping from distance using Flashlight on Clap option.

This Flashlight app is a Brightest LED Flashlight that available in the market and you can also use with making some kind of sound from distance.

Features of Flashlight:
Flashlight on Clap: You can operate Flashlight by just clapping using Flashlight on Clap option.

Screen Flashlight: The Bright Screen Flash light is useful when your LED Flash is not working. You can increase or decrease Flash intensity. 

Strobe Flashlight: Strobe flash light will give you a real feeling that you’re in a Disco club. It produce disco light effects where you can control Strobe intensity. 

Color Screen Flash: Color Screen Flash Light will help you when you are very far and identify you from distance. This Color Screen Flash will keep on changing its colour very quickly.

Digital Compass: We have exclusively added Digital Compass features in Flashlight app because, you really need a more accurate Digital Compass in the night. If you’re some place which you don’t know then Digital Compass comes handy to find the directions. This Digital Compass has many features and you can use this compass on Google Maps, on Camera, Satellite Maps mode, Night Mode and Telescopic mode. 

Our Flashlight app is free to download and free to use. Download and enjoy.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Unblock the Orb : Sliding Puzzle Game

Little Orb lost its way back to home 
Can you find the way to its home by solving amazing sliding maze 
puzzles ? Come around let's do this.

This is a simple addictive unblock puzzle game, One of the most popular 
brain-teasing game in the play store!. You'll find it the best time killer 
on your phone!

Enjoy and have fun!

keep you playing it!

Move the blocks with your finger to create a path for moving the Orb to 
the red GOAL block. But riveted blocks can't be moved. Are you ready 
to play? Download and start solving puzzles now!

- Sci-Fi Theme

- An essential is for the adult to kids of all ages.

- You can enjoy the game enough.

- Play at your own pace.

- you can play this game offline.

- RESTART: Just restart a level quickly.
- UNDO: Have a mistake? Don't worry, just put it back.
- HINTS: It's a good friend. Of course, it may be wrong.

- Support both PHONES & TABLETS.
- Support both ARM and x86 DEVICES.
- Support GOOGLE+ recommendation.

• Unblock the Orb - slide puzzle contains the ads like banner, interstitial,
  rewarded-video ads.
• This app requires following permissions.
- Modify or delete the contents of your SD card & Read the contents of 
  your SD card



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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Sugar Candy Mania - Match3

Welcome to the Sweet Candy Adventure in Candy Land.Join Candy land
people and travel through delicious candy parks ,visiting creamy valleys
and finding treasures in candy land! Blast,Switch and match candies
through the hundreds of levels in this sweet,delicious and beautiful,
puzzling adventurous Candy Land.

Bring your friends to this candy adventure.Connect along with your
friends while you travel through candy valley and see who reach the
candy land lord first!!

Play the never ending Candy mania with hundreds of levels and the
fun part is they are completely free to play ,except some optional
in-game purchases asking for payment.

Sugar Candy Mania -Match 3 features:
-Targeted Scores, Thrilling Timed Levels, Drop Down and Order Mode
-Win the Daily Boost Gems .
-Beautifully designed game levels which are ready to eat with your eyes
-Pass levels to unlock Different Candy Land Areas and escape reality with
Candy people
-Thousands of fun filled levels to make your gaming experience thrilling
and addictive
-Sugary Candies, wrapped and striped Special Candies, Color Bombs
and various other boosters to help with delicious levels
-Use unique power-ups for the preparation of difficulty tricky levels
-Keep eye on levels you play and find the interesting secret codes.
-Get 3 stars in every level to keep your rank up in the game
-Leaderboards to watch your friends and competitors during your journey.
-This is the best puzzle game with easy to sync feature between
devices and unlock full game features when connected to the Internet 

How to play:
- Swap 3 identical candies which match to each other and see the fun
- Make special combos from candies to clears barriers
- Match 5 candies in a row and get a bomb to explode everything around it
- Match 2 special candies to get even bigger explosion 
- Be careful about the obstacles: Chocolate, Ice cube, Cream, etc.
- get enough candies before you run out of moves

By downloading this game you are agreeing to our terms of service; 
if you need help!mail us.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

GPS Route Finder, Maps, Navigations & Directions

GPS Route Finder, Maps, Navigations & Directions application helps you to track your visited locations on map with location & date and time.

GPS Route Finder, Maps, Navigations & Directions application tracks your mobile devices location on map where ever you go its keep on updating the locations.

GPS Route Finder, Maps, Navigations & Directions helps you to find search location and its driving directions from your current location to your destination on map.

GPS Route Finder, Maps, Navigations & Directions gives you different modes of map like Hybrid,Satellite,Normal.


* Track locations on map

* Daily Tracking

* Map View

* Driving Directions

City Guide , GPS Maps & Directions

City Guide , GPS Maps & Directions app will help you to find various places around your current location. City Guide , GPS Maps & Directions is an unique app to explore Google Maps, it will also help you to locate and track your mobile live location on the Google Maps. 

GPS Maps, Directions & City Guide has features of knowing various places like Hotels, Entertainment, Food, Police, Bus, Fuel, Temples, Restaurants, Church, Mosque and Schools and many more places around your Current Location. It also has Distance Calculation, Mobile Tracking, Address Finding and Driving Directions between any two given place on Google Maps. 

Features of City Guide , GPS Maps & Directions:

City Guide: City Guide or Places Near Me will help you to find various places around or near to your current location. By using City Guide option you will be a guide of your self to explore various places around your Current Location.

By using City Guide , GPS Maps & Directions Option, you can find various places like Restaurants, Hotels, Food, Schools, Universities, Temples, Banks, ATMs, Fuel, Bus, Trains Stations, Car Rentals, Mosques, Church, Entertainment Centres, Police, Business, Pizza, Coffee Shops and many more places. You can select any category from Google Places to find nearest location of the type and you can get driving directions to that location and contact details with address of the location. You can easily navigate to that location by avoiding traffic using GPS Navigation option.

We will show all places details with Address, Contact info of that place and one click Driving Directions to that place. You can see User Reviews and Ratings about that place before you go to that place. So City Guide option is very useful when you travel to unknown or new places. 

City Guide , GPS Maps & Directions is easy to use and free to download from Google Play.