Friday, 21 October 2016

Scary Zombie Face Booth

Make a scary and zombie like picture using Using Scary Zombie Face Booth app and scare your friends with Zombie like Photos. Using Scary Zombie Face Booth app is a cool and photo editor app which will help you make incredible picture to scare your loved ones and family members.
Scary Zombie Face Booth is a simple and easy to use picture editor app that anybody can use – just take a picture using camera or select one from your phone gallery, then choose the grossest stickers which you can find in the collection and adjust them to make a real scary face like zombie face. Using Scary Zombie Face Booth you can easily create professional photo montages and share your creations to all social networks directly from this Scary Zombie Face Booth app and have hundreds of likes.
Using Scary Zombie Face Booth you can make your images scary using this app and make the coolest zombie like pics and create picture that will scare even the bravest out of their wits. All you need to use is your Smartphone or tablet and of course this amazing and free photo booth and you can add stickers to pictures of friends or to your selfies. Scary Zombie Face Booth result will be scary pictures with bloody details like scars or eyeballs falling out that will scare anyone senseless. When they see the zombie photo you and them will scream in fear. Prepare for the ultimate photo editor when it comes to scary face and zombie like pictures.
Install this Scary Zombie Face Booth and for extreme entertainment! If you want to make zombie like scary pictures that will send chill though your spine then you should get the best photo editor when it comes to zombie face makers.
 Excellent Scary Face Booth app for free.
 Scary face morphed on your Smartphone or tablet.
 Create spookiest pranks kind of pictures to scare your friends!
 Choose from the variety of “Scary Stickers for photos” to add to your pics.
 Great collection of cool stickers to turn yourself into a zombie. 
 Adjust the sticker to fit your image, change the size with your fingers.
 Convert yourself into a living dead and “get your picture zombified” in an instant.
 Share your this art creation via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Love Picture Quotes

It’s really important to express love but True Love is difficult to express by using our Love Picture Quotes you can express your true love expressively and clearly to your loved one.
More often we find ourselves in a difficult situation while expressing our true feelings before someone special but Love Picture Quotes can be a solution to make your expressions clear and easy.
Love Picture Quotes app has collection of lovely quotes with beautiful pictures/images for different occasions.
Download Love Picture Quotes app now and reach to the heart of your special someone in a unique way to make them feel more special.
By using Love Picture Quotes app you can enjoy the best collection of Love Quote images.
Features of Love Picture Quotes:
• Share Love Picture Quotes /Wallpapers through All Share, Google+, Gmail, Whats App, Skype, Facebook, Twitter and other installed social sharing
• Set Love Picture Quotes as wallpaper
• Share App With Friends.

Love Picture Quotes app is free to download from Android market. 
Enjoy and have fun using Love Picture Quotes.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Air Traffic Simulator

Air Traffic Controller Simulator is an innovative Airport Traffic Controller game. You can act as a ATC Manager where you will give permission to inbound and outbound Air Traffic from the ATC or Air Traffic Controller Tower.
Air Traffic Controller Simulator will let you be a ATC Manager and you can control all flights Air Traffic which are landing or inbound and Takeoff or Outbound.
Air Traffic Controller Simulator game has great graphics and has great game play.
You will love to play Air Traffic Controller Simulator game whenever you bored.
We have 3 airports to play in this Air Traffic Controller Simulator game.
How to Play Air Traffic Controller Simulator: 
There are 3 Airports to play in this game. Select an Airport to play and start controlling Landing and Takeoff flights. Initially you will feel the game is easy to play but as you progress in the game you will feel really challenging to play this game.

Airport 1, 2 are easy to play but Airport 3 is challenging to play. All you need to do is give permission to landing flights and monitor flight parking slots and allow them to park and onboard passengers, Allow takeoff flights to fly by make sure no flights on runway. If you allow 2 or more flights to takeoff or landing at the same time from the same runway then collision might take place and flights will explode game will be over.
You need to control all landing and takeoff flights safely and gain score.
Air Traffic Controller Simulator is easy to play but challenging game as you play more time.
Air Traffic Controller Simulator is free to download from Google Play and have fun playing it.
Air Traffic Controller Simulator will make you feel like ATC Manager.
Air Traffic Controller is a ATC Simulator version of Air Traffic Controller.

Friday, 7 October 2016

PIP College Photo Magazine

PIP College Photo Magazine Effects app will let you create your Picture-in-Picture Photo College Magazine effects with verity of College Magazine Templates which are available in the app.
You can create beautiful photos using PIP College Photo Magazine Effects Editor app.
We have included creative and most beautiful PIP college magazine photo frames to choose from PIP College Photo Magazine Effects app.
PIP College Photo Magazine Effects Editor will let you create photos as beautiful as possible.
Very pretty magazine frames styles are available.
Blur background of photo & set photo in different frame.
Save image in folder “PIP Magazine Effects”.
All Photo Frames will appear in app PIP College Photo Magazine Effects.
How to use: 
Open PIP College Photo Magazine Effects Editor app, select photo from the Gallery or take a picture using Camera and select a PIP College Magazine template and adjust the picture as you require and save it. 
You can share saved images with your family and friends via social media.

PIP College Photo Magazine Effects app is free to download and easy to use.
PIP College Photo Magazine Effects will let you feel that you’re seeing yourself on Magazine cover photo. Generally every human feel to see himself on a Magazine as a Magazine Cover Photo, using PIP College Photo Magazine Effects you can fulfill your desire by creating PIP College Magazine effect using this app.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Call Reminder

Call Reminder is a very useful and innovative Call Alarm Reminder App.
Call Reminder app will help you to set call reminders to any contact.
We, humans tend to forget call important persons and day to day persons meetings but using Call Reminder app you will never forget to call someone on time.
Call Reminder will help you to setup a call reminder alarm to any contact in your phone book or you can setup call reminders by adding number manually.
By using Call Reminder app setting a Call Reminder Alarm is very simple by selecting Date and Time, upon the selected Date and Time app will automatically alert you by playing Alarm sound to make a call so you will never forget to call your friends, family and your boss using Call Reminder app.
Features of Call Reminder: 
Call Reminder POP UP: Whenever you receive a call from any contact, after disconnect your call, Call Reminder pop up will appear so that if you wish you can setup Call Reminder alarm using Reminder option by selecting appropriate Date and Time for call back.

Setup Call Reminders: You can setup call reminder to any one of your phone contacts book using Call Reminder option in the app. You can select a number to setup call reminder alarm using Phone Book Number, Using Calls Logs or by entering phone number manually.
Call & SMS: After you done peaking with any one on your phone, you will see Call Reminder POP UP which will help you to call back to the same person, send a SMS or Save him to Phone Book if he is a new contact.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Voice Reverse Ultimate

Voice Reverse Ultimate is an excellent backward voice speaking app.
Voice Reverse Ultimate lets you record your voice and play it in reverse or backward order.
You can record any word, a phrase, sentence or a statement using Record Voice button and you can play its original voice after recording has done. Now you can play the same voice in Backward/Reverse and have fun listening it reverse using Voice Reverse Ultimate.
Voice Reverse Ultimate is a fun app for the backwards words challenge voice translation.
Reverse talk lets you talk reverse and share it with your friends.

Voice Reverse Ultimate is a excellent Voice Changer app where as you can record original voice and it will play in changed reverse or backward voice.
Record and listen your voice backwards in a fast and easy way with this funny app Voice Reverse Ultimate with a backwards voice effect.
Open Voice Reverse Ultimate app and start Recording Voice. After you done recording, you can play and listen to the original voice. You can record until you satisfied with your statement and listen to the original recording. Now you can play the original recording in Reverse or Backward order so you can hear some funny, new version of reverse language. You can also learn reverse speaking using this app. You can save the reverse audio file and share it wilt your friends.