Wednesday 5 October 2016

Call Reminder

Call Reminder is a very useful and innovative Call Alarm Reminder App.
Call Reminder app will help you to set call reminders to any contact.
We, humans tend to forget call important persons and day to day persons meetings but using Call Reminder app you will never forget to call someone on time.
Call Reminder will help you to setup a call reminder alarm to any contact in your phone book or you can setup call reminders by adding number manually.
By using Call Reminder app setting a Call Reminder Alarm is very simple by selecting Date and Time, upon the selected Date and Time app will automatically alert you by playing Alarm sound to make a call so you will never forget to call your friends, family and your boss using Call Reminder app.
Features of Call Reminder: 
Call Reminder POP UP: Whenever you receive a call from any contact, after disconnect your call, Call Reminder pop up will appear so that if you wish you can setup Call Reminder alarm using Reminder option by selecting appropriate Date and Time for call back.

Setup Call Reminders: You can setup call reminder to any one of your phone contacts book using Call Reminder option in the app. You can select a number to setup call reminder alarm using Phone Book Number, Using Calls Logs or by entering phone number manually.
Call & SMS: After you done peaking with any one on your phone, you will see Call Reminder POP UP which will help you to call back to the same person, send a SMS or Save him to Phone Book if he is a new contact.